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Surface Designs for Existing Concrete Driveways

If you already have a concrete driveway, you have a lot of options for giving it a makeover. Existing concrete can be colored, patterned, and even textured. It is best to have your concrete checked out by a contractor who specializes in decorative concrete to be sure it is sound. Most cracks or abrasions can be either fixed, camouflaged or included in your design, but it is best to consult with a contractor to find out how much work your driveway may need prior to applying any products.

Decorative concrete can fit your budget as well for rejuvenating your driveway. If you want to texture or stamp your driveway, you may need to consider having it resurfaced which can add to your cost. If you’re on a tighter budget, there are many design options that can certainly make a boring, gray driveway much more appealing!

Here is a list of surface design options to consider for existing concrete driveways:

Stained Concrete
Concrete can be colored with topically applied acid stains. Rich, earth-toned colors can give a custom look to concrete driveways.

Concrete Engraving
Engraved concrete incorporates the use of special tools and equipment to etch patterns and designs into existing concrete. Engraving is a permanent treatment that won't wear away or lose bond because the patterns are carved into the concrete rather than applied on top of it.

Conventional wisdom holds that old concrete, with cracks, surface discoloration, or surface imperfections, must be removed and replaced if improving the look of the concrete is the goal. Resurfacing concrete with polymer-modified overlay systems is a viable way to improve existing concrete surfaces. Resurfacing can range from simply making the concrete look like new again, or upgrading the surface with a variety of colors and patterns.